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CGC provided geotechnical advisory services to support the Independent Verification team for the $1.6bn, 41km Toowoomba Bypass. CGC continue to provide geotechnical advisory services to Ventia, the asset owner, for the ongoing maintenance of this significant asset. 

The project construction included provision of a 4 lane, primarily greenfield carriageway traversing the Toowoomba Range, with over 40 bridges, cuttings and embankments up to 50m high, and retaining walls and pavement over reactive subgrades. 

Our involvement in the independent verification included technical advice, risk management advice/workshops, construction inspections, release of hold/ witness points and review of instrumentation & monitoring. Challenges included mountainous terrain, relict landslides, reactive subgrade conditions, variable rock mass conditions, major cutting and filling operations, 3rd party impacts, program constraints and extensive stakeholder interfacing.

Advisory | Verification | Construction Phase Services | Stakeholder Management | Asset Management

Independent Verification: Arcadis. End Clients: DTMR & Nexus Infrastructure. Asset Management: Ventia

Project Description
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