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Our geotechnical engineers and geologists have extensive experience in planning and completing slope risk assessments for residential lots, both on a singular lot and large scale development basis.

If you are building or planning a new residence, or renovation to an existing property on sloping ground, local planning guidelines may require a slope stability assessment be completed to assess the stability of the site. Stability Assessments consider the risks associated with the site with respect to the proposed development, ground slope, geology and drainage.

Stability Risk Assessments are mandatory if the planned work is to be undertaken within Council's Landslide Hazard or Steep Land Overlay areas.

CGC have undertaken numerous slope stability assessments which include:

  • Desktop study of existing aerial imagery, existing maps and site classification reports.

  • Site walkover mapping by an experienced geotechnical professional

  • For more complex or difficult access sites detailed remote mapping using drones provides detailed information on site features

  • Preparation of a Slope Stability Risk report meeting the requirements of Local authorities which includes advice on appropriate construction techniques, earthworks, retention structures and drainage that is relevant to the development.

  • For sites with complex topography and geology subsurface investigations can be undertaken to develop a thorough understanding of the potential instability risks. Investigations generally include borehole drilling or test pitting​ followed by laboratory testing of soil samples collected.

  • Quantitative assessment of slope stability by numerical methods.

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