CGC's experience in slope monitoring combines traditional inspections by qualified engineers and geologists with remote mapping. Using in-house equipment, CGC's geotechnical and specialised knowledge in digital mapping technology, CGC can provide levels of information and detail of the assets within hours of capture via cloud data platforms.


This technology improves the ability of decision makers to be able to obtain critical data when reacting to developing disasters and disaster relief scenarios.

Further, cloud based accessibility allows rapid dissemination of decision critical data to a range of stakeholders as required.


Ongoing monitoring of at risk slopes allows for proactive response and intervention, prior to any potential events that may occur. This can remove the often reactionary approach to ongoing slope management, with reactionary decisions being replaced by proactive management that can be continually reviewed for its effectiveness. 

Production of interactive 3D models such as below provide levels of detail on site features that cannot be captured by traditional methods.

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