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Aeial Linear Corridor Mapping

Combining linear corridor mapping with geotechnical site investigations for linear projects is an efficient and effective way of capturing high quality site data for use throughout all project phases.


CGC's in house licensed pilots can undertake aerial mapping campaigns from a geotechnical viewpoint, providing accurate data on geotechnical site issues including identifying specific features within the site. Combined with the production of a 3D model which allows direct measurement of site features, aerial mapping is a powerful tool in the project workflow. 

Production of interactive 3D models such as below provide levels of detail on site features that cannot be captured by traditional methods.

Linear Corridor Mapping

Linear Corridor Mapping

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Using our specific image catpure techniques and technology, CGC can develop digital terrain models of specific sites for utilisation in; 

  • Elevation Changes 

  • Vegetation cover

  • Site features (creeks, gullies etc)

  • Geological features

  • Orthomosaic imagery of project corridor 



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Capture existing linear assets as part of asset inspections and maintenance programs to identify;

  • Maintenance issues

  • Asset performance

  • Planning for future works

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