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CGC's experience in slope risk mapping combines traditional inspections by qualified engineers with aerial mapping. Using in-house equipment and specialised knowledge in digital mapping technology, we can provide levels of information and detail of the assets within hours of capture by way of cloud platforms. This technology is pertinent for situations such as disaster recovery inspections, facilitating fast dissemination of critical information to decision makers for assessment.


Our aerial mapping services for sites with geotechnical issues or disaster affected areas include:

  • slope hazard and risk assessments

  • aerial site inspections, mapping and photography

  • safety and damage assessments 

  • landslide volume and plan area assessments 

  • terrain and surface mapping

Production of interactive 3D models such as below provide levels of detail on site features that cannot be captured by traditional methods.

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Mouse Wheel - Zoom

Rock Outcrop Mapping

Rock Outcrop Mapping

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Capture geological and site features in cutting edge detail during initial site inspections by utilising CGC's capabilities in 3D mapping and modelling.